Sandfires Ltd. – your discerning partner for classic property and investment consulting

Sandfires Ltd supports and advises companies and investors in all aspects of their international property investments, disinvestments, portfolio restructuring and location strategies. The international experience we have gained working for internationally renowned blue-chip companies, funds and individual portfolio holders attests to our pedigree.

Sandfires Ltd focuses on consultancy work for all kinds of property investments, strategies and transactions involving industrial properties (including factories, warehouses, storage facilities), offices, hotels and even entire business parks, as well as unimproved development sites. We provide these services worldwide, but specialise in the European, Asian and Australian markets. We assist our European clients to enter the prospering and emerging markets in Asia as well as providing our expertise to Asian funds and individual investors seeking to enter the established markets in Europe.

We provide a comprehensive service throughout the entire investment chain, thus differentiating ourselves from the standard property agency. This means that Sandfires Ltd takes on responsibility for the entire project - from the initial clarification of our customer's specific needs to the identification of appropriate assets. Sandfires Ltd also manages or supports the due diligence process, contractual negotiations and all closing and hand-over procedures to ensure that our clients feel comfortable within their “new world” in the foreign market.