Today’s factory sites dating back to the industrial age are generally old-fashioned and the buildings are often outdated and badly maintained. Very often contamination issues hinder the owner’s development ideas – consequently the economic potential of the sites mostly remains unrealised.

Prior use of the site and the growth of cities mean that the locations are generally very good and well-known in the area: road links and public transportation are mostly well developed.

Older sites are worth a second chance

We have proven on various occasions in the UK, Ireland and Germany that we are able to find ways to create additional value by implementing new letting concepts, developing interesting market niches or securing additional planning permission. We have experience in dealing with inherited problems and the knowledge required to turn the disadvantages of historic, listed buildings into a benefit for the entire site, to revitalise waste land and to cooperate with the authorities to secure further planning permission to create space for new employment.

As a result of such experience Sandfires Ltd is in contact with several investors who have a keen interest in taking over large brownfields and (older) underutilised industrial sites.

Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK
Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland
Augsburg, Germany
Dresden, Germany